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Hugger Ceiling Fans
Low Profile Flushmount ceiling fans for low ceilings!

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What is the Best Hugger Ceiling Fan?

Best Hugger Fan - Minka Aire Concept II

Pictured Above: The Minka Aire Concept II 52" Hugger Ceiling Fan Model F519BN. Also available in: White, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Maple and Mahogany in both 52" and 44" blade spans.
The best hugger ceiling fan is The Minka Aire Concept II. There are several features that make this fan different than any other hugger ceiling fan. The light fixture has a very low profile and is almost flush with the bottom of the fan. This gives you even more headroom where you have a very low ceiling. The blades are made of durable ABS plastic, which allows Minka Aire to give them a slightly convex shape which is far more aerodynamic than flat wood blades, so the Concept II moves more air than other hugger fans.

The Minka Aire Concept II comes with a built in remote control, which is unusual for hugger ceiling fans. The remote control gives you 3 speeds in forward and in reverse as well as a full range light dimmer. You can also purchase a wall control separately that can be used in conjunction with the remote control, or by itself if you do not want a remote.

Finally, the Minka Aire Concept II hugger ceiling fan is also available in an outdoor version that is rated to be used in "WET LOCATIONS". When this fan was first products, there was no such thing as an "Outdoor Hugger Ceiling Fan", muchless one that was rated for "Wet Locations".

The Minka Aire Concept II ceiling hugger was the vert first flush mount ceiling fan to have all of these features and has been the best selling hugger ceiling fan since it's introduction several years ago.

You can purchase the Minka Aire Concept II fans from HansenWholesale.com where you will see all of the sizes and finishes that are available for this...the best hugger fan ever!

See every hugger fan made by each of the major ceiling fan manufacturers all on this page.

Here are all of the hugger ceiling fans made by all of the top ceiling fan companies in the United States combined. This Group of ceiling hugger fans represents pretty much all there is on the market for flush mount ceiling fans that are of any quality. You can shop all over the Internet for more ceiling hugger fan options, but by the time you compile all of the hugger fans you see, you will pretty much end up with the selection of flush mounted hugger fans you see here.

As you can see, the selection is not incredible. But there are a few models that stand out from the rest. We have sorted this page from the best rated models to the least rated models based on their overall quality, quietness, balance (wobble) and amount of air movement they provide.

To purchase Hugger Ceiling Fans online, I recommend that you visit: Hugger Ceiling Fans at Hansen Wholesale.

Read more About Hugger Ceiling Fans below.

About Hugger Ceiling Fans.

Hugger ceiling fans are also commonly referred to as flushmount ceiling fans, low profile ceiling fans or ceiling huggers.

The concept of a hugger ceiling fan is that it does not hang from a downrod or pole, rather it has a motor casing that is designed to mount directly to the ceiling. Eliminating the downrod brings the fan about 4 to 6 inches closer to the ceiling than a typical ceiling fan. Therefore, hugger ceiling fans basically hug the ceiling.

It is important to know that hugger ceiling fans do not move as much air as typical fans because the blades end up too close to the ceiling for optimal airflow. Instead of the air flowing around the blades effectively, some of the air bounces off the ceiling creating a negative turbulance effect. This air that bounces back down towards the blades causes the fan to be much less efficient and can also case a hugger fan to wobble or shimmey on medium or high speed depending on the quality of the fan.

Most ceiling fan manufacturers try to minimize this problem by flatening out the blades and using a smaller less powerful motor. So, to put it more clearly, they simply make the fans so that they move a lot less air so that they do not wobble like crazy.

However, this is not true for all hugger ceiling fans. The first 20 or 30 fans that you see on this website are designed with better qualtity components and are built using more substantial materials and aerodynamic designs so that they will in fact move a bit more air than other typical hugger fans...and they will do this with minimal vibration and noise.

I strongly suggest that you spend a bit more than cost of the average or less expensive hugger fans, otherwise you will most likely be very dissatisfied with the lack of airflow once get it installed and turn it on.

Where to buy Hugger Ceiling Fans.

The best place to buy a hugger ceiling fan is from HansenWholesale.com since they have guaranteed lowest prices and the largest selection of hugger fans you will find.

If you do not wish to shop online or you are not concerned about getting the best deal, then hugger ceiling fans are sold at almost any home center, hardware store and in most large chain department stores. However, take it from me, if you purchase a hugger ceiling fan from one of these mass merchants, you are most likely going to experience problems. At the least, you will probably end up with a fan that wobbles and makes noise...and doesn't move much air.

So do yourself a favor and visit HansenWholesale.com where they have experts who can explain the differences between almost all hugger fans that are on the market.

When to Install a Hugger Ceiling Fan.

Hugger ceiling fans are really designed for low ceilings. When I say low, I mean "LESS THAN 8 FEET TALL". If you have a ceiling that is in fact 8 feet high, I would strongly suggest that you consider a standard mounted ceiling fan rather than a hugger fan because you will get better air circulation. You will also have a much greater selection of standard fans, since the selection of ceiling hugger fans is very limited as you can see from the exhaustive list of fans shown on this site.

Hugger ceiling fans are also necessary if there are family members or frequent guests that are 6 1/2 feet tall.

You may also find yourself needing a hugger fan if you have a bed with tall posts, or there is some other obstruction in the room that prevents you from using a non-flushmounted ceiling fan.

Outdoor Hugger Ceiling Fans.

As mentioned in the previous topic, the Minka Aire Concept II ceiling fan was the very first outdoor hugger fan. Over the past several years, there have been a couple more outdoor hugger fans introduced as well. Use this link to view Outdoor Huggger Ceiling Fans at Hansen Wholesale.

About Hugger-Ceiling-Fans.com

Hugger-Ceiling_fans.com is an affiliate website for HansenWholesale.com. We do not sell anything directly from this website. All of the Hugger Fans shown on this site are avaiable for purchase directly from HansenWholesale.com. We have chosen HansenWholesale.com as our source for these products because they are a premier resource for ceiling fans online, the offer excellent customer service, and they have a "Lowest Price Guarantee".

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